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For age 10 and older

Healthy food that contains 3 types of rich protein to maintain a healthy and active life for your cat.Maintains the muscle health and strong legs of cats.

Volume 500g / 1.8kg





  • Strong emphasis on protein1:With carefully selected animal and plant proteins derived from chicken, fish, and soybeans, your pet can get a good balance of essential amino acids.
  • Strong emphasis on protein2:The small bits crumble easily in the stomach to quickly digest protein (patented).
  • Strong emphasis on protein3:Despite being high in protein*1, it contains a low amount of phosphorus*2 which helps maintain kidney health (compared to AllWell For age 10 and older, *1approximately 125% the amount of protein and *2approximately 85% the amount of phosphorus).
  • [Specially made for senior cats①]Rich in three protein sources to provide sufficient amino acids and support muscle health
  • [Specially made for senior cats②]Maintains the health of older cats as it provides a nutritional balance that considers the physical changes that happen to a typical cat around the age of 10.
  • [Specially made for senior cats③]Our proprietary dietary fiber technology causes the pieces to soften and break down quickly in the stomach, which reduces instances of coughing up pieces of dry food.
    *The effectiveness of reduction varies among cats. It does not address vomiting resulting from illness.
  • [Specially made for senior cats④]Contains omega-6 fatty acids that maintain glossy fur and healthy skin.
  • [Specially made for senior cats⑤]Formulated with vitamin E to help support the immune system. (approx. 400% compared to Physicalife for indoor cats)
  • [Specially made for senior cats⑥]Hairball Care: Helps to excrete hairballs naturally with stools with the power of dietary fiber.
  • [Specially made for senior cats⑥]Magnesium level adjusted for health of the cat's lower urinary tract (0.08% content,standard level)


Cereals(flour、corn、bread crumbs, wheat gluten)、meats(pork meal、chicken meal、beef meal、chicken extract), cellulosepowder、animal fats and oils, fish(fish extract, dried fish powde)、Soy protein、brewer's yeast、beet pulp、oligosaccharide、minerals(calcium、chlorine、cobalt、copper、iron、iodine、potassium、manganese、and zinc), vitamin(A、B1、B2、B6、B12、C、D、E、K、choline、niacin、pantothenic acid、biotin、folic acid)、 milk calcium、amino acids (taurine)、L-carnitine、 antioxidants(mixed tocopherol、herb extract)

●Plant-based protein sources (wheat, soybean, etc.) provide many benefits including adjusting amino acids, mineral content and dietary fibers, as well as lowering fat and adjusting calories. It is important to combine animal and plant protein sources to have a well-balanced diet.

Guaranteed nutrition analysis value

Protein 38.0% or more
Lipids 12.0% or more
Crude fiber 9.0% or less
Crude ash 7.0% or less
Moisture 10.0% or less
vitamin A 15000IU/kg or more
vitamin E 320IU/kg or more
vitamin B1 12.0mg/kg or more
vitamin B2 12.0mg/kg or more
vitamin B6 12.0mg/kg or more
vitamin B12 0.10mg/kg or more

Typical analysis value

calcium 0.75%
phosphorus 0.60%
sodium 0.40%
magnesium 0.08%


Calories approx. 360kcal per 100 g