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Deodorizing/disinfecting sheets for multiple cats

Odorless and clean for a long time #When Deo-Toilet is used by one cat (weighing 8kg or less)Feces must be removed quickly.

内容量 8 sheets / 16 sheets


8 sheets

16 sheets


  •  One sheet has powerful odor absorption and deodorizing effect on urine of two cats for one week. # If each cat weighs 8kg or less. Feces must be removed quickly.  
  • Contains silver ions.Inhibits 99.9% of odor-releasing bacteria #Finding in third-party tests on antibacterial properties of the deodorizing/disinfecting sheet. The product cannot remove all bacteria  
  • Microcapsules containing deodorant eradicates odor
  • White surface of the sheet will show urine stain for easy inspection


Polyolefin, nonwoven polyester fabric, fluff pulp, absorbent paper, super absorbent polymer, polyethylene film, antibacterial agent, hot-melt adhesive and microcapsules containing deodorant