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Home urine check kit for cats

Exclusive for Cat Toilet System: The home kit enables urine check and collection for your pet cat in a stress-free home environment

内容量 1dose


  • Cat health monitored with change in color of the urine test strip!Collected urine can be taken to your vet. # This is designed for simple check of protein level in cat urine. This does not enable diagnosis or treatment of disease or state of health of your cat.  
  • The urine test strip enables check of the protein level in the urine
  • Urine can be collected easily without dirtying your hands in the Cat Toilet System
  • The urine collection tray can be used also to check urine color or quantity.
  • Accompanied by urine check log chart


Urine test strip (1): Paper and protein detection fluid / Urine collection tray (2): Pulp, polypropylene / Deo Toilet Sheet (1): Polyolefin, nonwoven polyester fabric, fluff pulp, absorbent paper, super absorbent polymer, polyethylene film, antibacterial agent, hot-melt adhesive and microcapsules containing deodorant / Urine dropper: Polyethylene (body & lid)