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  3. Deo-Toilet Deodorizing/disinfecting sheets with mild fragrance

Deodorizing/disinfecting sheets with mild fragrance

Replacement sand exclusively for a deodorized and scented comfortable deodorizing toilet

内容量 3.8ℓ


Natural green fragrance

White floral fragrance


  • Fragrance capsules burst and release fragrance each time your kitty digs into the litterEffective odor control and long-lasting fragrance
  • Odor absorbed in micropores for powerful deodorizing
  • Water-repellent for non-stick cleanliness of the pellets.Does not leave urine on the surface.
  • Because pellet size is not easy to handle for cats, it does not scatter and easy to clean #2
  • Replace once a month.No need to change for one month.#1
  • Powder-free cut & coating
  • #1 When Deo-Toilet is used by one cat (weighing 8kg or less)Feces must be removed quickly.
    #2. Deo-Toilet deodorizing litter refill (round, silica gel type)


Zeolite, silica gel and fragrance microcapsules