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Manner Wear
For cats S size

No more peeing problems! Does not slip and provides peace of mind when moving

内容量 Trial Pack: 4 sheets / 16 S size sheets / 38 S size sheets


Trial Pack: 4 sheets

16 S size sheets

38 S size sheets


  • Designed for freedom around the legs:Slim type that fits snugly and comfortably for your pet  
  • Attaches snugly above the waist:Does not come undone with movement 
  • Wide, resealable tape:Easy to attach and fits snugly even when in motion. 
  • Tail hole adjustable on 3 levels.
  • Powerful absorbent:Absorbs urine totally as long as 12 hours.#Based on a cat's average urine quantity for a 12-hour period.Urine quantity may vary by the individual. 
  • Soft and dry absorbent sheet & fully breathable sheet:Dry and comfortable to the touch. 


Surface material: Polyolefin, nonwoven polyester fabric / Absorbent: Absorbent paper, fluff pulp, super absorbent polymer / Waterproofing material: Polyethylene film / Adhesion material: Polyester / Elastic material: Polyurethane / Adhesion material: Hot melt adhesive / Packaging material: Polyethylene (polypropylene for Trial Pack)