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For 7-year or older dogs

Comprehensive nutritious dry dog food with excellent taste and nutritional balance

Volume 6kg / 2.3kg





  • Contains well balanced nutrients for 7-year or older dogs
  • comprehensive nutrition for adult dog
  • Enhanced with vitamin E to bolster immune system support through health maintenance (approx. 200% compared to AIKEN GENKI for adult dogs)
  • Low-sodium balance to support the health of dogs over 7 years old (approx. 25% reduction to AIKEN GENKI for adult dogs)
  • Contains ingredients that are easy to digest and absorb
  • Formulated with well-balanced calcium and phosphorus to keep dogs' teeth and bone healthy
  • Contains ingredients rich in dietary fiber to maintain a healthy stomach


Cereals (corn, flour, corn gluten meal, bread crumbs, corn gluten feed, bran), meats (chicken meal, beef meal, pork meal, chicken extract, beef powder), animal fats and oils, beans (defatted soybean, soybean extract),vegetables (beet pulp, carrot powder, pumpkin powder, spinach powder), fish (fish meal, fish extract, small fish powder), brewer's yeast, minerals (calcium, chlorine, copper, iron, iodine, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, selenium, zinc), vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, B12, D, E, K, choline, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, folic acid), food coloring (titanium dioxide, Red No.102, Yellow No.4, Yellow No.5, Blue No.1), antioxidants (mixed tocopherol, herb extract), amino acids (methionine), milk calcium

Guaranteed nutrition analysis value

Protein 21.0% or more
Lipids 9.0% or more
Crude fiber 4.5% or less
Crude ash 8.5% or less
Moisture 10.0% or less
vitamin A 7500IU/kg or more
vitamin D 500IU/kg or more
vitamin E 150IU/kg or more
vitamin B1 2.9mg/kg or more
vitamin B2 6.5mg/kg or more
vitamin B6 1.9mg/kg or more
vitamin B12 0.035mg/kg or more

Typical analysis value

calcium 0.9%
phosphorus 0.7%
potassium 0.70%
sodium 0.27%
magnesium 0.17%
zinc 230mg/kg


Energy approx.350kcal per 100g