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Gran Deli
Soft & shaved chicken tender

Easy to mix, delicious furikake (condiment sprinkled on top) for dogs. Mix it with your regular dog food for your dog to enjoy

内容量 40g


  • Delicious! Mix in just one teaspoonful
  • Uses plenty of delicious chicken breast
  • Superthin, shaved that can be mixed with each dry food pellet for delicious taste
  • Delicious chicken breast is slowly grilled and sliced into a ultra-thin, fluffy texture
  • Add and mix to make your regular pet food extra delicious


meats(chicken tender,chicken extract),  flour, gelatin, beans (Soy protein, soy extract), animal fats and oils, yeast, sorbitol, glycerine, propylene glycol, trehalose, seasonings、salt, emulsifier, preservatives(potassium sorbate), phosphate, antioxidants(mixed tocopherol、sodium ascorbate)


Protein 25.0% or more
Fat 8.0% or more
Crude fiber 2.0% or less
Crude ash 8.0% or less
Water 25.0% or less
Energy approx. 330kcal per 100g