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Gran Deli
Additive-free, domestic ingredient pouch type

Unicharm Pet's Gran Deli Additive-Free, Domestic Ingredient Pouch Type is a delicious wet dog food that is free of additives (no colorings, seasonings or color fixatives).Fresh, raw domestic chicken has been used.

内容量 70g


With green/yellow vegetables: 70 g

With natural cheese: 70 g


  • It has been prepared for delicious taste without colorings, seasonings or color fixatives.
  • Boil-in-the bag pouch with tasty chicken meat cooked from raw high-quality domestic chicken.
  • With green/yellow vegetables: Contains green/yellow vegetables.
  • With natural cheese: Contains natural cheese.


With the green/yellow vegetables: Meat (chicken breast & tender), vegetables (carrots, green peas & sweetcorn), agar & konjac powder

With natural cheese: Meat (chicken breast & tender), natural cheese, agar & konjac powder


Protein 5.0% or more
Fat 0.5% or more
Crude fiber 1.0% or less
Crude ash 1.5% or less
Water 93.0% or less
Energy Approx. 38kcal per 1