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For adult dogs For maintaining healthy knee and muscle health
chicken & soybean

Healthy food that contains 3 types of rich protein to maintain a healthy and active life for your dog. Maintains the muscle health and strong legs of dogs.Maintains muscle health and helps build a body that is less prone to weight gain.Contains DHA and EPA to support and maintain healthy knees/joints.

内容量 800g / 2kg





  • Strong emphasis on protein1:With carefully selected animal and plant proteins derived from chicken, fish, and soybeans, your pet can get a good balance of essential amino acids.
  • Strong emphasis on protein2:Small bits that easily crumble in the stomach. A high protein digestibility* of achieved because the bits contain a unique balance of soy protein isolate (*typical number based on research by Unicharm).
  • Strong emphasis on protein3:A higher protein content often brings an increase in phosphorus, raising concerns for kidney health. Through careful selection of raw ingredients, we were able to achieve a product that is high in protein*1 and low in phosphorus*2, which helps maintain kidney health. Ratio against the well-being and growth stages of your beloved dog *1. Approximately 120% *2. Approximately 70%
  • Contains DHA and EPA to support and maintain healthy knees/joints.DHA and EPA content:4000mg/kg(0.40%)
  • [Specially made for adult dogs①] Rich in three protein sources to provide sufficient amino acids and proven weight control while supporting muscle health (patented).
  • [Specially made for adult dogs②] Contains well-balanced and adjusted omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids that maintain glossy fur and healthy skin.
  • [Specially made for adult dogs③] Formulated with vitamin E to help support the immune system


flour,beans (soy protein, soybean extract), oils and fats(animal fats and oils , vegetable oils and fats), fish extract (EPA source), meat(chicken extract, poultry extract), cellulosepowder, beet pulp, Algae (DHA source), yeast, minerals(calcium, chlorine, copper, iron, iodine, potassium, phosphorus,and zinc),amino acids (taurine), vitamin(A,B1,B2,B6,B12,D,E,K, choline, pantothenic acid), milk calcium, L-carnitine, antioxidants(mixed tocopherol, herb extract)

●Plant-based protein sources (wheat, soybean, etc.) provide many benefits including adjusting amino acids, mineral content and dietary fibers, as well as lowering fat and adjusting calories. It is important to combine animal and plant protein sources to have a well-balanced diet.

Guaranteed nutrition analysis value

Protein 28.0% or more
Fat 12.0% or more
Crude fiber 4.5% or less
Crude ash 8.5% or less
Water 10.0% or less
vitamin A 7500IU/kg or more
vitamin D 500IU/kg or more
vitamin E 75IU/kg or more
vitamin B1 2.3mg/kg or more
vitamin B2 5.2mg/kg or more
vitamin B6 1.5mg/kg or more
vitamin B12 0.028mg/kg or more

Typical analysis value

calcium 0.75%
phosphorus 0.60%
sodium 0.35%
magnesium 0.10%
zinc 200mg/kg
DHA+EPA 4000mg/kg(0.40%)


Energy approx. 360 kcal per 100 g