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Manner Wear
Pet diaper
S size

Unicharm Pet Manner Wear diapers for both male and female dogs solves incontinence problem, fitting snugly even when in motion.

内容量 Trial Pack: 3 sheets / 30 sheets


Trial Pack: 3 sheets

30 sheets


  • Disposable diaper that is snug, soft on the skin and holds up for many hours
  • Solves incontinence and fits snugly simply by wrapping.(For both genders)
  • "Safe & powerful absorbent" assures leakage prevention even in extended use (absorbs as long as 12 hours# equivalent to total quantity of urine for peeing 4 times).
  • Comes in a denim pattern and a dot pattern* Depending on manufacturing and engineering circumstances, there may not be an equal amount of each pattern in every package. Some products may have another design one end.b
  • It fits snugly, so they won't be fussy.
  • Soft and dry absorbent sheet, with silk-like fiber that is used in baby diapers, is gentle to the touch.


Surface material:Polyolefin & nonwoven polyester fabric / Water absorbers:Absorbent paper, fluff pulp & super absorbent polymer / Waterproofing material:Polyethylene film / Fastening material:Polyolefin / Elastic material:Polyurethane / Adhesion material:Hot melt adhesive / Packaging material:Polyethylene (polypropylene in case of Trial Pack)