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  3. Manner Wear For female dogs SS size 4 design pack

Manner Wear
For female dogs
SS size
4 design pack

Incontinence absorber that looks like an outfit

内容量 4 units


  • Manner Wear for females looks like an outfit and safe for menstruation or incontinence
  • Solves menstruation or incontinence both at home and outdoors!For travel, car drives & walks
  • 4 fashionable outfit designs
  • "Soft and slim fit" design for comfort for your pet
  • "Fully breathable sheet" keeps the skin dry
  • "Snug fit side gather" prevents leaks
  • "Safe & Slim absorbent" holds 6 hours' worth of urine. #Based on average urine quantity for a healthy dog during the 6-hour period (urine quantity may vary by individual dog)


Surface material: Polyolefin, nonwoven polyester fabric / Absorbent: Absorbent paper, fluff pulp, super absorbent polymer / Waterproofing material: Polyethylene film / Adhesion material: Polyolefin / Elastic material: Polyurethane / Adhesion material: Hot melt adhesive / Packaging material: Polyethylene